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We Are Keys to Freedom Ministries


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“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the least of these, you did for me.”

Our goal

Keys to Freedom Ministries seeks to restore dignity to  those affected by Crime and incarceration.  Ministering inside the jails, our trained Chaplains and Program Providers introduce prisoners to hope available through Jesus Christ. 

Working on the outside with Churches, para-church organizations and community ministries, our goal is to support those behind bars and their families looking for restoration and a path to wholeness. 

Our prayer is that ex-offenders can return to their families with restored relationships…to their community with a job….to their church with a desire to serve!

Our Vision

We want to seek out and cultivate strong relationships with our Church communities and educate them about the spiritual needs of the incarcerated men and women in the local jails. Our objective is to extend the ministry to more jails in our area.

I honestly cannot think of anything more effective in jail ministry than the local church body coming along side of the incarcerated.

Our Hope

We anticipate, by having personal contact with inmates, the staff will have less violence and decreasing complaints.  Having open communications with the Chaplains will hopefully alleviate frustration for those requesting help. 

It is the duty of the Chaplains to work with the Sheriffs office and staff to effectively communicate to our volunteers the rules and protocol in the jail.  Volunteers will have a clear chain of communication with one authority responsible for any questions or concerns they may have.

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Encourage an Inmate

Many of our incarcerated have little or no communication with the outside...this includes family. Would you please consider writing a note of encouragement to an inmate to let them know someone cares?

Alfi Program

Share your Books

Our Library needs books! Don't throw your books away. Give them to inmates to read! Just drop your old books/magazines off at WLJN Radio Station and one of our Chaplains will pick them up!

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Volunteers & Donations

Many hands make for a lighter load.... won't you please consider helping with our Annual Banquet or the Christmas Program! If you are unable to spare time, perhaps you would consider donating a gift?

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