About Us

Keys to Freedom Ministries…

 As a 501 C3, Keys to Freedom Ministries seeks to restore dignity to those affected by crime and incarceration.   Our efforts are focused on the spiritual and emotional needs of the inmates inside the jail as well as connecting them to community and faith based resources upon release. 

As servants we strive to follow the example of Jesus Christ who loved us and gave His life for us. Realizing we are all sinners and in need need of a savior, we bring the good news of the Gospel to those God calls to receive it.


To seek out and partner with local churches and and para-church organizations to cultivate strong relationships and educate them about the spiritual needs of the incarcerated men and women in the jail. Our goal is to restore dignity to  those who have fallen into sin by breaking the law and need a helping hand to return to wholeness through learning Gods plan for their lives by using God’s word as their guide!


We anticipate, by having daily contact with inmates, the Correctional Staff will have less violence and decreasing complaints.  By having open communication with a quick response by the chaplains, We anticipate this will alleviate frustration for those who are requesting help.

By having a full-time chaplain, the safety and security of the jail will be effectively communicated to all the volunteers and there will be less confusion about the rules of conduct in the jail.  Volunteers will have a clear chain of command with one authority responsible for any questions they have.  The ministry will develop and oversee re-entry information and training for inmates returning to the community.






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