P.O. Box 4418
Traverse City, MI 49684
Phone: 231-252-4667
Email: keystofreedomministries@gmail.com

About Us

The Ministry…

As a 501 C3, Keys to Freedom Ministries seeks to restore dignity to those affected by crime and incarceration. Our efforts are focused on the spiritual and emotional needs of the inmates inside the jail as well as connecting them to community and faith-based resources upon release.

As servants we strive to follow the example of Jesus Christ who loved us and gave His life for us. Our calling is to bring the good news of the Gospel to those God calls to receive it and be a guide to those IMPACTED BY THE JUSTICE SYSTEM.

Our Vision…

To seek out and partner with local churches and para-church organizations to cultivate strong relationships and educate the community of the real challenges and spiritual needs of the incarcerated men and women in our jails and how this affects our community!

Our Goal…

is to restore dignity to those who have fallen into addiction and need a helping hand to return to wholeness through learning Gods plan for their lives by using God’s word as their guide!

Our Hope…

is to be a voice of hope for the incarcerated, a voice of encouragement for our local Authorities and a faithful partner in our local Justice system!


We are a community jail ministry serving the Grand Traverse and Tri-County area, assisting all people and their families who have been impacted by incarceration!

What We Do

We minister to those inside the jails, those that have been released and families of those impacted by incarceration. We strive to introduce the incarcerated to hope available through Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that ex-offenders can return to their families with hope, to their community with a job, and to their church with a desire to serve.


Our mission is to support people impacted by incarceration and their families looking for restoration and a path to wholeness.

  • Isaiah 61:1

  • Matthew 25:36

  • Matthew 25:40

Our Difference

Our Chaplains, having regular contact with the residents and the Correctional Staff, hope to assist with problem solving and providing calmness to the hearts and minds of those affected by Mental Illness, trauma and Substance abuse. Along with championing the Spiritual needs and programs in our jails, Our Chaplains are also here to serve in any capacity that will prove to give those coming out of the jail a firm foothold on the post-incarceration journey ahead of them. This includes discharge planning and mentorship, connect them to other resources, housing assistance and full access to our Ministry Center where those on the post-incarceration journey can access needed resources, including food, travel and clothing vouchers, access to computers, connection to employment and educational resources. We intend to bring the road of recovery full circle in connection with our community to bring hope and restoration into the lives of those affected by incarceration beginning on the inside, during their stay and assisting them with re-entry into their community!