It has been quite a unique year hasn’t it? Keys to Freedom Ministries has made a difficult decision to cancel the in-person fundraiser this year. We deeply miss fellowshipping with all of you, and sharing, in person, the exciting things God has been doing in the ministry. Jail Leadership has expressed many times that they look forward to having us back in the jail!!

Now, some exciting news! We are blessed with the opportunity, in cooperation with Good News Media WLJN 89.9 FM, to hold our first Keys to Freedom Ministries’ “Key-A-Thon”. This is an all-day event on Tuesday, November 24th from 6am to 6pm. We will be on the air at WLJN 89.9 FM featuring testimonies from “Key” voices of this ministry. It is an opportunity to support “Key” areas having a huge impact on the incarcerated, their families and those on the road to recovery! Please mark November 24th on your Calendar and support this vital Community Ministry!

Here are some activities that we are currently engaged in that we will be sharing!

  • Our Chaplains are counseling with inmates and keeping in contact Via Zoom and letters.
  • Our volunteers are assisting with Mentorship and Post incarceration needs.
  • Keys to Freedom Ministries has been in constant contact with the Sheriff’s Department to stay abreast of the state of the jail and how the inmates are progressing and assist with new jail program conversations.
  • Jamie’s Cottage -keeping women safe and engaged in life recovery programs!
  • our Gifts for kid’s family program
  • Our newest opportunity!! We are collaborating with other organizations in the community to create an opportunity for jail diversion and crisis intervention, i.e., Crisis Center. Stay tuned!

These are Key ways to partner! However, a donation of any amount will be appreciated and multiplied!!


$1000.00 LEVEL

A Contribution of $1,000 or more will help sustain and expand our overall ministry vision as we minister in jails and engage in the lives of those struggling with addiction, Trauma, Mental Illness and homelessness and journey with them on their road of recovery and offer them hope!


$400.00 LEVEL

This one-time Gift contributes $400 to our housing Scholarship fund and pay a month’s rent for those coming out of jail and needing housing, i.e., Jamie’s Cottage.


$40.00 LEVEL

Is a $40 Monthly commitment to support our indigent fund that assists those with financial hardship toward Phone calls, tethers, breathalyzers, court ordered drug testing, BATA Passes, FOOD Cards and Clothes. It also funds our GIFTS FOR KIDS Program, a “Key” family event at Christmas time.


$10.00 LEVEL

Is a $10 Monthly commitment to help build up and sustain the new library in the jail and supply Bible study materials for the inmates!

Choose your DONATION Amount:

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Keys to Freedom Ministries is an ever-growing local Community wide ministry that assists all people, and their families who are on the road to Freedom and Restoration!! Your Key Gift can unlock doors to challenges these men and women face daily!