How You Can Help?

There are many ways to serve in this ministry.  The mission of this ministry upon its inception  was to be a local ministry with local resources to offer hope to those inside the jails and upon release.

All of our donations are used in the jail and the Ministry Center for the following:

  • To offer stipends to the Chaplains to fulfill a full time presence in the county jail(s) to minister to the inmates and their families and staff.
  • To assist with Discharge Planning
  • To make available Bibles and Bible studies to the inmates inside and upon release.
  • To offer reading, writing and other items to inmates. This includes, pencils, reading glasses, paper, envelopes, playing cards, puzzles and  
  • Provide BATA/Bus Passes, Gas and food cards, clothes and other personal to inmates upon release.
  • Funds for our annual Christmas Pizza Party as well as Christmas Cards provided to the inmates to send to their families.
  • OUR MINISTRY CENTER where resources are available to assist those on the path of recover and re-integrating into the community.  The Keys to Freedom Ministry Center is not limited to Grand Traverse County….our center is a landing pad for ALL those coming out of Prison/Jail who need a helping hand.  The ministry Center partners with other organizations to be able to offer these resources! 
  • Keys to Freedom Ministries also offers assistance to those needing help with Rehab costs and Probationary costs such as testing and tethers.

What can you do to help?


We distribute Backpacks to those coming out of incarceration who are couch surfing or homeless. These backpacks include:

Water, for an even better option water with electrolytes.
Pretzels with peanut butter ( has carbs, magnesium and protein to help maintain energy) Granola Bar/Cereal Bar “The Bar saves Lives”- A brand that gives aid to children with malnutrition and can help the homeless for a healthy snack during the day.
Trail Mix without chocolate but WITH FRUIT-protein at its finest.
Fruit cups/cans/ Pudding cups ( most do not have can openers) Beef Jerkey-added protein Crackers/ Baked Veggie Chips Brown Rice Cakes Popcorn ( unseasoned) Pumpkin Seeds Raw nuts Fast food cards beans/microwaveable containers of foods, i.e., ravioli, mac&cheese; beefaroni, etc.   Tuna packs, Cans of Chicken ( pull of tops)

***The cans with the pull off tops are best.  Most do not have can openers!

Travel type Toiletry Items


Volunteers to work at the Center as Men and Women come in needing our resources

Volunteers to minister in the jail for Faith Based Programs

Volunteers to help with our Gifts for Kids Program

Are you interested in being a voice on our Board of Directors?

Books (soft cover only) for the Jail Library

Coats for Men and Women

Clothes for Men and Women