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Gifts for Kids

-(formerly, Gods Love Tree)


Gifts for Kids is and extension of Keys to Freedom ministries aftercare programs.  Our goal is to make contact with the families of those in our local jails in an effort to provide a Christmas gift from them to their children.  This includes offering families an opportunity to come face to face with people who have the desire to make a compassionate connection that ideally will show them they are not alone in their journey! 

For inmates wishing to be involved in the Keys to Freedom Gifts for Kids program, beginning in October, Keys to Freedom Chaplains begin collecting information from inmates in our local jails that have children they will not be spending Christmas with.  The information gathered will be used to collect gifts for the children.  Once the gifts are collected the Children and their families will be invited to participate in a Christmas event allowing them to come and collect the donated gifts, fellowship  and share a meal with people that want to share the love of Jesus Christ!

Local churches share in this outreach by having trees in their church to collect gifts and to raise up volunteers to meet with our families at the Christmas gathering! WLJN will also have a Tree as they have done for the past 17 years!   More details will be shared as we finalize the process.   If you would like to help with this event we need many hands. We are grateful to have The Marketing Heaven on our side who will spread the word on social media about our action to gather as many volunteers and donations as possible. Volunteers are needed at this event to greet…to assist with wrapping presents….help with the meal….love on the children…and donation of gifts.  If you would like to help with this aspect of our ministry, please leave a comment or contact our Chaplains office at the Grand Traverse County Jail.

Details of this Christmas ministry as it approaches will be on WLJN as well.

Contact  Tina McCalley:  232-922-4545 or 231-590-0633.-