Ministries do not stand alone nor should they!  They are a means to collectively provide resources to those in need, whatever that need may be.  We believe God has opened the door for Keys to Freedom Ministries and He will bring along those who want to join us in this effort which ultimately will glorify Him!  What we give to help the incarcerated and their families is nothing short of Gods gift and it all comes from His Church and this community and no recipient within the scope of this ministry is excluded from sharing in these gifts.

Keys to Freedom Ministries would like to acknowledge Organizations/Ministries in our community that have stepped up to share their gifts, talents and/or time to support us in this cause.  We have taken the time to at post how they have blessed our ministry, however, click on their link and find more about what they do for all of us!!  May we all support them in their cause, as each member of the body contributes….we are more fully equipped to meet the needs of our community.


Grand Traverse County Sheriff Department

The Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office
has always supported the Chaplains Office! We work mutually as a
team on the inside with the unified goal of helping to restore the lives of those affected by incarceration.  


Gifts for Kids Team

This is a team of folks truly devoted this this arm of our ministry that reaches out to the families of those in our county jails.  Much time, effort and resources go into the planning of this event and we literally could not do it without our core team!

Faith Reformed Church

To know Christ and make Him Known is their Mission Statement!  We have had the blessing of many folks here from volunteering in our Chapel Services to allowing us to utilize their space for our Gifts for Kids event to financially supporting our Ministry.  They have been a faithful supporter of this communities jail ministries for many years!

Kiwanis of Traverse City, MI

Kiwanis of Traverse City has been a huge blessing to Keys to Freedoms outreach.  They have shared their resources from meetings with us to hear about what we do and also financially supporting Jamies Cottage, a much needed Woman’s home!


Long Lake Church

Long Lake Church as always been a proponent of Jail/Prison Ministry.   We are financially supported by their organization as well as teaming with us to highlight our ministry annually with their members.


New Hope Community Church

New Hope Community Church has a heart for the lost and forgotten men and women in our jails.  They serve with us in Multiple ways that encourages us to grow and step out!  They support us by serving with us on our Board of Directors and financially support our Chaplains, our library and Jamie’s Cottage!


Dorcas Society of Trinity Lutheran Church

A long time supporter of the jail ministry, this organization has a heart for helping others!  Their contributions always comes at just the right time when it is needed the most!  

WLJN Christian Radio

If it weren’t for this great bunch of great people, we would not have the community Involvement that currently exists in our Ministry.  The staff at WLJN is always there for an “on the spot interview”, our Gifts for Kids Tree, and our book drop off. We so appreciate you and we love your station, it’s music and commitment to  providing Christian worship music and ministry to this community!

BDAI (Before during and after incarceration)

This organization birthed out of one of our training sessions where seeds of compassion for the incarcerated were developed!  BDAI has made great strides in being a “voice” for those on the inside as well as bringing in their knowledgeable volunteers to educate inmates on initiatives to help them on their post-incarceration journey.

Dimar Expressions

Richard Forton has been a blessing to this Ministry since the early days!!  Dimar Expression is always there to donate our printing needs and also services on our board of directors.  Richar loves to serve the Lord….We so appreciate you!!

Leland United Methodist Church ( Women’s Bible Study Group)

What a great group of ladies so full of love and encouragement. This group bible study has been donating funds to our Bible inventory and is an instrumental part of our Gifts for Kids event.  You have Big, Big heart for the Lord!

St. Wenceslaus Society

God always seems to show up when we need it just at the right time and He often does it through this organization.  We love that you think of us!