Keys to Freedom Ministries has in house Chaplains:  Tina McCalley, Tom Crain.
We can be reached at the Grand Traverse County Jail Chaplains office:  231-922-4545

Our job as Chaplains…

Train, approve and oversee all volunteers requesting access to the jail  after background check and after being approved by the Sheriff.

Provide communication with concerned family members who contact the jail about the well-being of their incarcerated family members or by jail staff.

Make daily rounds visiting each cell block establishing a connection with inmates.  Our hope is that a relationship will be built allowing us to provide inmates with HOPE!  Communicating to them that they are not alone, that God is a God of Grace, Forgiveness and Restoration to a greater purpose!

As thankful Servants…

We minister to the staff…the inmates and their  families on a daily basis.  The Chaplains office coordinates all Faith based activities in the jail.  We minister to families of the incarcerated as well in an effort to connect them with our community and Faith based resources and to assist the correctional staff with family inquiries and concerns  and assisting with inmate departure needs.  Our ministry offers intake packets to the inmates as our way of letting them know that WE know they are here!  These intake packets contain paper, envelopes, pencils, a bible….just a few things to help them through the initial stages of incarceration. 

The Weekly Book Cart… 


is just one of the ways we minister the word of God. Each Wednesday, the Chaplains take a cart full of Books and make rounds through the cell blocks. This is the highlight of their week and they will almost always grab a book or four! This is also an opportunity to witness and pray with them.


The benefit of  the book cart and our library is two-fold.  The inmates are encouraged to read and expand their minds into worlds they for whatever reason, would not have nor want access to. It may be just a good way to pass the time, but guess what? They will learn and remember! The literature we offer can direct and educate them to a more positive direction in their lives. More importantly, we can give them the Word of God! We can help them see that God has a plan for them and His plan will bring abundance, peace and joy, a life free from bondage and addictions.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are Chapel night for the inmates! The Chaplains office coordinates this activity by providing Pastors/ trained Lay Persons to lead services that provide a time of Worship, the Study of Gods Word and Prayer!    Chapel Services also are our gateway to inviting local pastors of our community churches to come and lead a chapel service to connect the inmates with a potential place of worship once they leave.


library-book-320x154Using “Time” Wisely…

…every Saturday the Privileged  inmates are offered a bible study given by our Volunteers. We also make available to the inmates bible studies to complete during their stay.  Many times upon completion of these studies they are give their own donated personal study bible to take with them to encourage them in their faith journey.