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“Thank you again for your continuous patience and guidance in a place where every individual you interact with is their worst. I know it may be hard to see sometimes, but you truly make a difference….” 

“This is just a quick note of thanks. I successfully entered treatment this past week.  I got the backpack and book you put in my property and will absolutely utilize both.  More than that though, I wanted to thank you for teaching me.  There is no perfect way to pray. I needed that lesson. Some days I just wake up and say, “God, I love you”!

~ CB 2021

My name is Sean and I had the pleasure of working with Keys To Freedom Ministries through power couple Craig & Laurie Wilson. They facilitated the Seven Areas of Life Training program also known as S.A.L.T.. In addition to the insights from scripture, and the group based didactic course, the whole experience both strengthened my faith and built me and the others attending the group up to feel camaraderie and connectedness during our darkest hours. I truly believe in this program and others like it that can help to humanize, educate and enhance one’s spiritual, emotional and cerebral understanding.

I was previously incarcerated and during those seven years, I participated in myriad self-help groups. However, those groups lacked two things in particular: Christ based curriculum; and “Real” people from “the outside”. The prison system and- county jails for that matter -could greatly benefit from programs like S.A.L.T. and Trauma Reboot. As well as wonderful, sincere servants of God like Craig & Laurie! My foundational time in county jail prior to going to prison- and even during said time to current- has been integral in my trajectory towards functioning and operating through faith in God, His Son and people out there and in here. And equally important, my experience with KTF only helps my chances of success going forward. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

~ SJ 2023